About Jody

Growing up, Jody Valley wrote poetry and short stories to bare her teenage rebellious soul. She wanted to be either a spy or a reporter, and vowed never to give up her skepticism. She settled for social work, writing columns and feature stores for newspapers, along with a passion for social justice.

Combining her years as a journalist, clinical social worker and social activist, she wrote her first suspenseful mystery novel, “A Venomous Cocktail.” The sequel is a psychological thriller, entitled “Twisted Minds,” and will be published Feb. 23, 2016. She says of her novels, “Though mystery/thrillers are plot driven, it’s important to me that my characters are well-developed and memorable. That’s what I love to read, and what I strive to create.”

Jody loves kayaking, hiking and just about anything that takes her outside. Her favorite spot to do her writing is at her lake cottage in northern Michigan, where she can glance up from her computer to see rare birds at the feeders.