Announcing: Twisted Minds, the sequel to GCLS finalist, A Venomous Cocktail has been released.

     An ultra conservative, fictitious town on the banks of Lake Michigan provides a background for the fast-paced mystery / thriller, “Twisted Minds.” Private investigator Kera Van Brocklin has been hired by a gay / lesbian teacher who’s a suspect in the murder of her lover. Van Brocklin’s challenge–in an environment of homophobia, trans phobia, and a general overwhelming intolerance of diversity–is to find the real killer. Due to a lack of or even caring to understand the difference between Wiccan and Satanism, the town believes an evil killer is in their midst. This brings out the radical right throwing fuel on the fire of hatred and fear.
     Since the Wiccan teacher has no alibi, the police are convinced she’s the killer. Van Brocklin needs to find the real murderer.
     Private Investigator Van Brocklin is a former soldier who battles her demons brought on by PTSD–as a result from a tour in Iraq. When things get tense, she’s vulnerable to flashbacks and nightmares–and bad decisions. In order to cope, she employes the help of her service dog, shamanism, and illegal weed.

Book Signing

Join Jody at Schuler Books to celebrate the release of Twisted Minds, the anticipated sequel to 2014’s A Venomous Cocktail.
Tuesday, March 8th at 7:00pm at Schuler Books – Eastwood Towne Center, Lansing MI